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Altar Ministry Team

Welcome all who come to the altar for prayer and spiritual guidance during all of our worship services.


Altar Ministry Team is trained to pray with you, give basic spiritual guidance and walk you through the processes of being baptized in Jesus’ name and seeking the Holy Ghost.


  • As the Altar Ministry Team, our primary responsibility is to help people receive all God wants for them.


  • There is something about having hands laid on you in prayer that lets you know:

    • This person is here for me in my time of need.

    • This person is touching God and me, acting as a CONDUIT for God’s power.

    • This person cares that I experience the power of God.


We the Altar Ministry Team will assist people who come to the altar through love-filled prayers, sensitivity, compassion, broken, down trodden, hurt, abused and many more request to lay before the Lord.  We will give encouragement, as well as practical guidance, and direction.


"For we are God's fellow workers..."



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Deaconess Cassie Keys
Altar Worker President

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