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Women's Ministry

Dionne Hubbard
Brenda Burgo
1st Assistant

“Women of Excellence, Empowered by God”


It is our desire with the help of the Lord, that each woman

will experience the will of God concerning them in this last

hour, waiting for the coming of our Savoir Jesus Christ.


For each sister to learn why we are here as women of God,

giving God all the praise.

She must be a p raiser.

Keeping our families praying and be in the will of God.

Doing all things necessary to promote the word of God.

Teaching youth and young ladies how to be clean and

good housekeepers, excellence cooks, to dress as

becoming holiness, and talking a Godly conversation,

giving each sister the word of God and not our opinions.

To teach each sister how to care for their church and

encourage sisters, that they are somebody in Christ,

taking care of your families and yourself.


Be in good health, have integrity, set goals and most of all      

prosper as your soul doth prosper, looking for the coming

of the Lord Savior Jesus Christ.


Minister Dionne Hubbard, President

Deaconess Brenda Burgo, 1st Assistant

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