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Deacon MacArthur Thomas
Head Deacon

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Deacon Donald Reed, Sr.

Mission Statement


Be a good spiritual leader in his home and in the church, recognizing that the ultimate and perfect example to follow is Christ Jesus.


The deacon body of Greater Christ Temple Apostolic Church exists for the purpose of serving the Pastor, the Executive Board and the church body in order to protect and defend the unity of the body of believers by seeking to connect people to Christ and Greater Christ Temple and helping them remain connected.


The deacon body as a whole will meet every other month to discuss the mission and ministry. The focus of the meeting is to ensure that the work is organized and being conducted and to encourage and train the deacons, individually, for the task. To that end, time will be spent:


1. Discussing issues deacons are experiencing in conducting the work (not people)
2. Discussing methods for preparing or conducting the work


Deacons take the time to study God's Word, to spend time with God in prayer daily, to remember to fullfil their deacon duties with the attitude of doing all things for Christ.





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